Men today want to know how to strike the right balance for them between traditional and modern styles, and how to dress correctly for their social environment. They want to create an understated look that is still elegant. They also want to know the story behind a brand. Style has a lot to do with being willing to make decisions in life and remain true to your convictions. Textile messages are just like any other kind: every day, they make a clear statement about who we are. So it’s all about having a few essential standards in a hardworking wardrobe and being confident in choosing high-quality items – for him – that suit his personal style, of course! That’s where I come in. Some of the questions about clothing etiquette and style today that you can expect to find answers to in my advice…

  • A personal style that suits your profile
  • The perfect fit for your figure
  • The materials, patterns and accessories that reinforce your style
  • The impact and effect of what you wear
  • The best colours to suit your face and the effect of colour in your outfit
  • Tips from a style expert for greater confidence in what you wear at work
  • Quality criteria for a gentleman’s wardrobe, price differences and possible compromises
  • Ideas for establishing/expanding a functioning wardrobe with suitable combinations
  • Characteristics of made-to-measure suits
  • Dress codes and how to select outfits for the events in your diary
  • Information about organising your wardrobe, keeping it up-to-date and making it last
  • Matching hairstyles and glasses
  • Selected aftershaves for the man who doesn’t want to wear the same as everyone else
  • Where to shop


If you have any special requests or questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call!

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