More than just Appearances.

Your outfit is a part of your personality. Clothes don’t just have to fit, they have to suit you. They express your outlook on life and should be such an integral part of you that you can forget about them! But it’s not always easy to find your very own personal style, so people often wish they could have an expert opinion, confirmation of their choices, some new ideas or a working formula.

During a one-to-one style assessment, we identify your suited style, the garments which flatter your body shape, how to put together different style components to make a sophisticated outfit and how to use colour effectively. You will discover new things about yourself, learn how to make your mark and how to carry off style mismatches with panache. Often, it’s the little things that can have the greatest effect: a detail in the cut of a garment, a new way of combining separate outfits, the right accessory in the right place. I’m also convinced that it’s important to consider the appropriateness and the impact of clothes. My style advice is not a quick-fix, before-and-after makeover; it is designed for the long term and shows you in a very personal way how to wear styles that suit your own physical characteristics and your personality.

An outsider’s professional eye can also give you confidence in choosing clothes and make your shopping more efficient – an investment that will pay off in the long term and can only be of benefit even to reluctant or online shoppers.

An important side-effect in many situations.

In certain situations, the statement that you make with your outfit can be a game-changer, e.g. in a business or customer service environment, at important stages in your career, when making public appearances, or when going freelance, to help identify and reinforce your brand. Starting work, returning to work, entering a new phase of life: these are all good opportunities to think about your appearance and harmonise your wardrobe. Do you often travel on business so you are familiar with the dilemma of how to carry a multifunctional yet attractive wardrobe in your hand baggage? Do you wish you had someone with a good eye for style by your side or do you simply feel like treating yourself? Dedicate a day to style – and voilà!


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