At an interactive workshop, tailored to meet the needs of your company or your event, I spend a few hours guiding your staff through the world of style. Personal appearances at work, dress codes, brand reinforcement or specific style issues of your choice – just some of the entertaining topics that may be tricky for individuals to deal with but they affect us all, every day. Especially in view of the relaxation of dress codes, many employees wonder where their freedom for personal interpretation begins and ends.

I am often asked to provide on-site style checks at my style workshops and this can be an efficient way to prepare teams or specific employees for forthcoming tasks, events or promotions with regard to their personal appearance, internally and externally, or to make any required adjustments. This delicate subject calls for special expertise and sensitivity. Best leave it to a professional!

Developing new dress codes and revising existing ones in the light of Corporate Identity also requires some specialist knowledge. I can help you, from your initial idea right through to launch or implementation. Take advantage of my knowledge about style and my business experience in different sectors.

Having a style adviser as a special guest at a company or team event, or for a private occasion, is fun, inspiring and informative all at the same time! Let me put together a tailor‑made programme for you.

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