Women today are full of self-confidence. We don’t ask ourselves what kind of person we want to be. We know who we are. We use textile messages every day to underline that confidence and make a clear statement about ourselves. However, the multiple different fashions and external influences mean that it’s not always easy to make decisions and develop an eye for what really suits us. That’s where my advice comes in. I am interested in what is unique about you and how I can support you in owning and perfecting your personal style, helping you to be clear in your own mind, avoid bad buys and make new discoveries.

Some of the aspects of clothing etiquette that will be explored in my consultancy are:

  • A personal style that suits your profile
  • Which clothes fit you well and flatter your body shape
  • The materials, patterns, accessories and combinations that will reinforce your style
  • How to use details of cut to compensate for figure flaws
  • The colours that make your face radiant
  • How to wear mismatched styles and carry it off
  • Style secrets of a woman’s wardrobe
  • Style guide for day-to-day office wear and public appearances
  • Matching hairstyles and glasses
  • Outfits and dress codes for the events in your diary
  • Tips and tricks for organising your wardrobe, keeping it up-to-date and making it last
  • Selected perfumes for the woman who doesn’t want to wear the same as everyone else
  • Where to shop and sustainable labels


If you have any special requests or questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call!

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